No Heartbleed Here

What we mean when we say: “At PPI, we take your business personally.”

As PPI moves into our 23rd year, our emphasis on taking your business personally is more relevant than ever. Last week’s news was filled with reports about the vulnerability of websites we all visit regularly. Every business was forced to consider whether the security of their systems has been systematically compromised. Be assured your information with PPI is safe. Our web site was not affected by this vulnerability.

PPI utilizes current, licensed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage all facets of our business process: management operations, including customer sales, vendor purchasing and our back office accounting functions. We have strict internal guidelines and processes for protecting customer and vendor account information, including banking and credit card PCI compliance. All emails are screened before delivery to our system and suspect items are quarantined. Confidential credit and payment information is kept under lock and key.

When our customers select PPI to handle their hospitality design and purchasing, they can be confident that a secure record of all goods shipped for installation at their property is being maintained by PPI.  This serves as a useful reference as future improvements are made to the property, whether a partial or full renovation.  PPI professionals make thoughtful recommendations for each line item for each project. It is a person-to-person, subjective process that does not lend itself to an online ordering system.

Our use of back-of-the-house ERP technology for your orders is one more example of how we “take your business personally,” protecting your confidential information from internet vulnerability.