Notes From Roger Treadaway

hotel lobby furnishingsNotes From Roger Treadaway

Some companies talk about service; we live by it.

We work from a client’s budget to come up with a complete finished project, but we also fill immediate needs, items needed on an ongoing basis, whether it’s one or a hundred.

We start by understanding our customer’s plans and budget. Then we provide the recommendations within budget that will satisfy franchise brand requirements and specifications. We include all the costs in the budget, so the pricing is realistic and honest, and our customers get exactly what they thought they were getting at the price they agreed to pay.

We’re looking for long-term relationships, so we’ll work to repair any problems to our customer’s satisfaction. I believe it is that kind of dependability that our clients like most about us. We’re your “partner,” hence our name “Purchasing Partners.”

That goes for the vendors we work with as well. We only work with vendors who we can depend on, who back up their products, who stand behind us so we can stand behind our customers.

We have an immaculate financial record. Check our D&B to see. That is one more way we get our best deals for our clients.

Roger Treadaway