Notes From Bonnie Mitchell

Notes From Bonnie MitchellNotes From Bonnie Mitchell

We provide a cohesively designed project, down to the minute details, including items we don’t purchase for you. We ensure that everything comes together, the entire building, inside and out. We work with your preferences, and we know what questions to ask to ensure an appropriate design.

It is critical to get the right advice and direction to get everything accomplished on time and to meet your deadline and budget. Otherwise your improvement or renovation project could incur costly problems. So we help you make the right decisions up front. We understand your brand and brand competition. You don’t want to look like every other hotel in your brand, so we design to your market, your guests. We learn about your clientele and what they are looking for, and what you need from a functional as well as aesthetic perspective to best serve your market and your bottom line.

We have been in business for more than two decades. Our design team has been here from the beginning, but each of us also has at least 10 years experience in hospitality design prior to that. Hotel design projects require that level of industry knowledge; they are too critical to assign to someone inexperienced.

Most importantly, we conduct our business with the utmost of integrity. Our thinking is long-term and our reputation is golden. That has been our No. 1 priority from the beginning.

Bonnie Mitchell