PTAC Units: Cleaning for Dollars

Summertime is here and PTAC units at hotels everywhere are succumbing to the increased heat and humidity. At PPI we are busy shipping replacement units from the most reliable top-of-the-line manufacturers. Meanwhile, our valued strategic partner, Susie Pfeiffer of DGS Energy, has just been interviewed by Hotel Business magazine on its PTAC cleaning process. The article includes valuable tips on extending the life of your units, which can add up to substantial cost savings, and we thought it helpful to share her expertise.

Cleaning PTAC units might not be high on your to-do list. However, peak summer heat and humidity dramatically increase the chances for unit breakdowns. Lost revenue from blocked rooms resulting from these breakdowns draws attention to the importance of preventive maintenance, which should move PTAC cleaning near the top of the list.

Industry experts indicate a regular annual cleaning schedule can add up to five years of life to a PTAC and shave as much as 6 percent off your summer electricity bill. PPI can provide access, through DGS Energy, to an effective, affordable, eco-friendly PTAC unit cleaning service.

Consider the impact of a regular once annually cleaning on a typical PTAC unit:

  • Increased airflow and energy efficiency
  • Improved guestroom indoor air quality
  • Elimination of odors
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Up to five years longer service life

The process is simple. First, a non-toxic, biodegradable solution is sprayed to remove debris that has settled into the coils and fins, and to lift dirt from the surface areas of the unit. Then, pressurized water is sprayed to remove dirt, grime, grease and the mold that grows on the unit coils and inside the pan. The unit is then dry-vacuumed to remove all the dirty water, dusted, wiped down and deodorized. The PTAC cover is then cleansed of any debris or grime and lastly the filters are cleaned.

The cleaning is done by certified technicians using a self-contained box unit that sits in the corridor outside the guestroom. Hose hook-ups are run from the corridor to the water access in the guestroom. Guests in nearby rooms are not disturbed. The process works on all major PTAC or VTAC brands and can be completed at the rate of about 35 units per day depending on occupancy and ease of access.

At the conclusion of a PTAC cleaning the customer is provided with written and electronic copies of the completion report. The completion report details every unit’s model and serial number; missing or broken components, including knobs, filters and fronts; and details of any issues encountered with each unit including but not limited to: potential bad compressors, loud fans, issues with sleeves, electrical problems and thermostat communication.

When PTAC units finally do wear out, DGS Energy also offers a remove and recycle service for the disposal of broken and hazardous PTACs. DGS Energy technicians will also install new PTACs.

Whether you need new PTAC units or the cleaning service for your property, call PPI and we will help you with the solution. It’s just one more way we live up to our promise of seeing you through the entire FF&E purchase, including using our experience to solve problems in ways that save you time, money and hassle.